Work Life Balance πŸ’– Top 8 Tips for Making Money From Your Artistic Creations 🎸 🎨 🎭

  Top 8 Tips for Making Money From Your Artistic Creations Is it possible to earn a living as an artist? Actually, it’s entirely possible. After all, many others have done it. While the starving artist clichΓ© might be more common than financially comfortable artists, it certainly can be accomplished. For an up-and-coming artist there are many challenges to be met, but all of them are solvable. Those that become successful apply effective solutions.   Using these tips will help you make a living from your artistic endeavors: 1.       Realize that talent alone is insufficient. We all know incredibly talented people that have nothing to show for it. There is a business aspect to any type of art that must be managed if you want to be successful. 2.       Choose your art and money beliefs with care. What do you believe about money and art? Are those beliefs going to support you in earning money? If you have the following beliefs, it would be wise to work on chang

Five Strategies ✔️ to Help Your Child πŸ§’ Succeed in School

  Five Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed in School Kids can be a full time job! But among the seemingly never-ending list of important tasks, one of the best things you can do for your child is to ensure their schooling experience is successful and worthwhile.   The following strategies have been proven to help many parents turn their children into victorious scholars! Read on to discover these successful techniques: 1.       Spend time discussing school. Kids are generally happy-go-lucky people and it's sometimes hard for parents to figure out that something isn't going right at school. This is why having casual discussions about school with your child is very important. Asking the following questions can help ensure there's nothing affecting your child negatively at school: ·             ☑️ Are you getting along well with other kids? ·              ☑️ Do you enjoy answering questions in class? ·              ☑️ What's your favorite subjec

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